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Good Friends, Inc. is a community-based, licensed residential treatment program for the recovering adult male alcoholic/drug addict, including those with a co-occurring psychiatric disorder; a facility in which the resident seeks to re-establish himself into the mainstream of society.

It is our mission to provide comprehensive and quality behavioral health and related services in the continuum of care for chemically dependent adult males.

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My counselor made me see the good I have in myself

Our Philosophy

Good Friends, Inc. is a licensed treatment program for chemically dependent adult males where residents seek to re-establish themselves in the mainstream of society.
Good Friends, Inc. maintains a living atmosphere which is conducive to personal growth for men who are recovering from active alcoholism/drug addiction and who are aware that basic changes in attitude are essential to recovery.

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To be considered for admission, one must:
  >Be male;
  >Be alcohol and/or drug dependent;
  >Be at least 18 years of age;
  >Be willing to participate in our treatment program;
  >And meet the criteria of the Pennsylvania's Client
    Placement Criteria (PCPC).

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